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A meeting place for creatives to explore art, faith, and healing.

Inbreak Collective


The Inbreak Collective is a place to grow in your capacity to generate social healing.

The Inbreak Collective is a digital community with a mission to help creatives develop their capacity to generate social healing. We design spaces for creative inspiration, leadership development, honest dialogue, and art-centered faith practices for artists and strategists working at the intersections of art, faith, and healing. We are currently focusing on building a post-racialized society.

Why Join

The Inbreak Collective is for you if you are a creative working to build a society free from racism. We learn and create together to offer healing spaces for one another so that our freedom can liberate others.  

Our Beliefs

  1. The Nicene Creed provides a great overview of our faith beliefs. We believe in God the Father, God the Son, and God the Spirit. The core of our faith is our belief that Jesus is Lord. Our approach is ecumenical, meaning that we combine practices from many Christian traditions and welcome a multitude of approaches to connecting with God.
  2. Artists already have the skills needed to create social healing. We practice these skills every time we take an idea and turn it into a work of art. We can take these same abilities and apply them to generating social healing. Inbreak will help with that.
  3. Healing is a communal and generative process. Even in our individual healing journeys we require help from others. In turn, as we are healed we can offer that same liberation to others.
  4. Racism is a human-made network of systems that can be eradicated. Period.

What's it like?

There are several ways to join and participate in our community! 

  1. As a member of Inbreak Collective, you can participate in our monthly meetings
  2. You can also sign up for our healing, creativity, and business workshops. Our workshops are virtual and range from 3-12 weeks. Some workshops are designed for you to experience them individually and others invite you to join a facilitated cohort.
  3. Finally, you can apply to the Inbreak Residency. This virtual residency is designed for professional, working artists of any medium. During the meeting we meet once a week for twelve weeks. Post residency, residents are invited to participate in a culminating exhibition (either virtual or in the Los Angeles area) and publication opportunities.

Who is the man behind the curtain?

There is no "man" behind the curtain (at least, not yet!) Inbreak is 100% women-led at the moment. This wasn't intentional, but we are enjoying the dynamic!

Inbreak Director - Dea Jenkins

Dea is an interdisciplinary artist, writer, and curator, Director of the Inbreak, and CEO of Dea Studios.

Director of Liturgical Expressions - Brianna Kinsman

Brianna is a writer, liturgist, theatre-maker, actress, and Inbreak's Director of Liturgical Expressions. 

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